After putting up a good fight against the MPAA regarding their decision to give Blue Valentine an NC-17 rating, The Weinstein Company can celebrate because the board has overturned their ruling. The film will now be released in theaters with a slightly less offensive rating according to Deadline, who said the final vote to change the original decision was unanimous.

Blue Valentine will be given an R rating and The King’s Speech will receive a PG-13. Blue Valentine was originally under fire because of a sex scene that takes place between Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams‘ characters. The scene in question featured “a drunken attempt at sex between the married couple after they head off for a night in a hotel in an attempt to repair their relationship.”

As for The King’s Speech, the language was more of a turn off to the board than any sexual content. There were a few too many curse words used for their taste. Therefore the film will unfortunately maintain its R rating.

It’s good to know that they finally came to their senses for at least one of the films. If the decision was unanimous they must have realized how over the top their original ruling was. Or perhaps they were weakened by the amount of heat they were getting?

What do you think of the MPAA’s change of heart?