Mark Wahlberg is one busy man. Between his films and various television shows, where does he find the time to take on more projects? The actor who’s attached to Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, is still working on a feature version of his hit series “Entourage,” and is currently producing HBO’s “In Treatment” and “Boardwalk Empire.” Now according to a report from Universal Pictures, he has plans to co-produce and star in a feature length version of a short called The Raven.

Universal has acquired the rights to the film from Peruvian director Ricardo de Montreuil. The original cost a mere $5,000 to make and is a little over six minutes long. The plot centers on a man with supernatural powers as he is chased in the future through the streets of downtown Los Angeles. If you want to see the film, you can watch it below.

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As you can see this Raven isn’t meant to be confused with James McTeigue’s upcoming film of the same name. That one centers on the author Edgar Allan Poe and stars John Cusack.

What do you think of The Raven? Do you think Wahlberg has what it takes to make it a successful theatrical release?

Source: EW