We’ve got news that another 3D film is headed our way. Are you excited because we’re not! According to Universal Pictures the developing Carl Erik Rinsch’s film 47 Ronin will be produced and released in 3D. If you’re asking yourself what the hell is 47 Ronin, it’s a samurai flick that has Neo — we mean Keanu Reeves attached to star.

47 Ronin centers on a band of samurai swordsmen who avenge the death of their master in 18th century Japan. Reeves will play one of the swordsman in the group who are revered in Japan for their revenge attack on December 14, 1702. “The film will tell a stylized version of the story, mixing fantasy elements of the sort seen in The Lord of the Rings films, with gritty battle scenes akin to those in films such as Gladiator.”

Samurais in 3D sounds like a dangerous combination that might have worked five years ago. We feel that by the time this film hits theaters audiences will have had enough of the trend. Hell, audiences have had enough of it now.

What do you think of Universal’s decision to release 47 Ronin in 3D? Are you interested in seeing the film?

Source: Coming Soon