Can you think of many athletes that can act (off the field of play)? Neither can I. I’ve attempted to compile the top five worst athlete-turned actors of all time.  A few athletes earned the right to be on the list for multiple horrific performances. Note to pro athletes everywhere: stick to your day job – unless you are considering a career in politics of course.

5. Shaquille O’Neal

Why? Kazaam, Blue Chips

Shaq is one of the most lovable guys in the NBA, but the dude can’t act his way out of a paper bag. His performance in Kazaam was so horrific that it single handedly sunk the movie to IMDB’s worst-100 movie list of all time. While his performance in Blue Chips was a slight step up, let’s just say a junior high drama student could have done a better job.

4. OJ Simpson

Why? The Naked Gun Series, Multiple TV Movie performances

Talk about kicking a guy who is already down… I actually feel kind of bad for putting OJ on the list, but he deserves it. The Naked Gun Series is a testament to what a great actor the late Leslie Nielsen was – not just because of his deadpan humor, but because OJ was so bad as Nordberg.  And his made for TV movies? I actually sat through one where he played a bus driver – I still want that hour and a half of my life back.

3. Howie Long

Why? Broken Arrow, Firestorm

Howie must have missed the memo that being himself doesn’t qualify as acting. Put a jersey on the guy in either movie, and you’d still think he’s in his playing days. Firestorm was virtually unwatchable, and his role as John Travolta’s “enforcer” on Firestorm was shockingly bad. Thankfully, Howie hasn’t been in anything since a guest role on “Malcolm in the Middle” 8 years back – hopefully Bryan Cranston rubbed off on him a bit.

2. Dwayne Johnson

Why? The Scorpion King, Faster, The Rundown

The Rock makes this list because technically his Wrestling career qualifies him as being a “professional” athlete. Every movie that “The Rock” does is a much worse version of an already-made movie. Faster is like Man on Fire without Denzel, The Rundown is a stolen plot from any number of “buddy criminal” movies and The Scorpion King has been done before too. The Rock’s muscles can’t make up for his inadequate acting ability.

1. Brett Favre

Why? There’s Something About Mary

Has any movie line been delivered worse than Favre’s “Mary I’ll always be true to you” (closely followed by “I’m in town to play the Dolphins you dumb-ass”)? Brett must have been concussed when he acted in Something About Mary – I can’t think of any other explanation for his performance. The depressing part to you aspiring actors out there – he probably got paid a lot of money. Favre should stick to acting like he’s going to retire every year.

Written by Sunil Rajaraman who is the President and CEO of