Apparently, Adam Sandler and Kevin James are the new tag team of comedy because they love working together. They’ve co-starred in several films including the recently released Grown Ups. According to EW, the duo will be at it again for a new comedy called Valet Boys. We should have seen this coming. It’s only a natural progression for James to go from being a mall cop to a valet.

Valet Boys is being developed by Sony and will center on two, valets who witness a murder and then “find themselves running for their lives.” The studio has Sandler and James in mind for the parts. James will also co-write the screenplay with Nick Bakay. Bakay previously wrote the James vehicles Paul Blart: Mall Cop, “The King of Queens,” and the upcoming Zookeeper.

We’ve never been able to understand the obsessive love for Kevin James. Even though Adam Sandler isn’t as great as he used to be, he had his moment in the nineties. He was pretty good. James on the other hand, is up for debate.

On another note, the title Valet Boys makes us think of this old “Mad TV” skit that aired during the first or second season of the show. It was about the rough lives of Los Angles valets. We wonder if Sandler and James’ movie will look like it? Take a look…

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What do you think of Sandler and James teaming up for Valet Boys?