Over the weekend Summit Entertainment finally released the first trailer for Mel Gibson’s latest film, The Beaver. The movie has been held hostage in limbo for ages thanks to the unfortunate public scandals surrounding its star. Now that the trailer is available online we can decide for ourselves whether or not the film (or Gibson) is worth our time and money. Check it out…

Official Synopsis:

Walter Black (Mel Gibson) is suffering from extreme depression. As he spends most of his days sleeping or trying different methods of self therapy, his wife Meredith (Jodie Foster) hides behind work and helplessly watches him fall apart; his youngest son Henry (Riley Thomas Stewart) becomes a hermit; his oldest son Porter (Anton Yelchin) writes his classmate’s essays for cash and secretly keeps a list of similarities between him and his father to avoid a similar future; and Walter’s toy company heads toward bankruptcy.

Walter soon hits bottom when Meredith kicks him out of the house, and he decides to get drunk and kill himself. The suicide attempt goes awry, and upon waking up, Walter is introduced to “the Beaver” – a beaver puppet he had found in the trash and put on his hand during his drinking binge – who suddenly speaks to him, in a British accent. With the help of the Beaver (a facet of Walter’s personality), Walter gets a new lease on life and returns home.

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Doesn’t it seem like they just showed us the entire movie from start to finish in two and a half minutes? We’re not fans of revealing too much in trailers and it looks like they went all out here. Also, is there a reason why Gibson’s Beaver voice sounds like Ray Winstone? It would have been kind of cool if Gibson picked up some tips from a ventriloquist so he could talk without moving his lips. Other than that the movie looks OK, but we’re not sure how successful it will be when it’s FINALLY released in theaters.

What do you think of the trailer? Are you interested in seeing the film?