George Clooney just can’t stay away from films about financial and political corruption can he? The actor and director has his eye on a feature adaptation of the stage play Enron, as in the Texas based energy company that found itself in a heap of trouble years ago due to its questionable “accounting practices.” A documentary based on the incident was released in 2005, and most recently a musical hit the stages of London. According to The Guardian, Clooney is ready to get on the bandwagon and bring a dramatized version of Enron to the big screen.

Enron will be written by playwright Lucy Prebble but none of the actors featured in the London production will reprise their roles for the film. There’s no confirmation regarding whether or not Clooney will star but he will co-produce and is likely to direct. Even though the film is based on the material from the musical we doubt there will be any singing and dancing in this adaptation.

One film executive said of the play, “Once you’ve done something… you’ve done it. Let that stand on its own. This is an American story.” Clooney loved the stage production but he’s definitely trying to do something different with this movie.

What do you think of Clooney producing and possibly directing Enron? Do you think he’s the right man for the job?