Another one bites the dust. We’ve got some bad news to report for fans of the FX series “Terriers,” it’s been canceled. Let that sink in for a minute. The series just had its season finale (now series finale) last week and the cable network didn’t waste anytime cutting its losses. Apparently, “Terriers” just wasn’t pulling its weight in the rating’s department and it had to be dealt with.

According to EW, “Terriers” ran for 13 episodes and only averaged about 500,000 viewers per week. That’s not much when you look at other cable juggernauts like fellow newbie “The Walking Dead,” which is raking in five plus million an episode. “Terriers” was a detective series that centered on two men who become unlicensed private investigators in San Diego county. It starred the awesome Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James.

It’s sad that this show was let go because we’d heard some really great things about it. It makes you wonder if it was a victim of circumstance. Maybe it could have worked better as a summer show instead of going head to head against the heavy fall line up? Either way, we can add this one to the “gone too soon” pile for TV.

What do you think of FX’s decision to cancel Terriers? Did you watch the show?