The new Back to the Future video game is almost here and the first trailer for it has been released. It conveniently follows the debut of the original film trilogy on Blu-ray, and the 25th anniversary of the first installment. There’s been a lot of Back to the Future nostalgia as of late and there’s even more to come. Check out Marty and Doc in the trailer below…

The video game is distributed by Telltale the same company that handled the previous releases. The trailer doesn’t give us any hardcore player action but it does set up the premise. It takes place shortly after Back to the Future III and has Marty once again going back in time (or to the future) to save Doc Brown from a less than comfortable situation.

How were they able to find someone to pull off Michael J. Fox’s formerly youthful voice? Also, how is it that they’re able to pull off the extensive reach of Christopher Lloyd’s eyeballs? Nice character design.

Back to the Future: The Game will be available on Playstation 3, Windows, Mac, and iPad later this month.

What do you think of the first trailer? Will you buy the game?