It’s been almost a year since Sony put an end to Sam Raimi’s Spider-man run and we’ve had plenty of time to get used to the new director and cast. We haven’t heard much from Raimi, Tobey Maguire, or Kirsten Dunst regarding their feelings about the whole thing — that is until now. Dunst recently spoke about how she thinks the Spider-Man reboot will handle the origin story and whether or not the new actors can pull it off.

First off, Raimi and the old cast had plans to return for a fourth installment of their Spider-man series before Sony decided to scrap the whole thing. It was going to be a reunion that would hopefully get rid of the bad taste that Spider-man 3 left in our mouths but it never happened. According to Dunst,

“I mean, everyone was coming back, and they were casting a villain. I knew it wasn’t ready to go, but I knew they were working on it. And they decided not to.” It was only sad because we didn’t know the last one was going to be our last. So we didn’t have that extra little ‘This is the last time, guys.’ We didn’t get to have that grieving. It was a little like, ‘Oh, we’re not doing it, bummer.’”

That does suck. Unfortunately, I along with a lot of other viewers weren’t fans of Dunst’s take on Mary Jane. Even though she’d starred in three films as the character she was always the weak link in the series. As for the new actors, she seems to think that they have what it takes to bring Spidey back to his former glory.

“They have a lot to live up to. I do really like Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. I know that Emma’s playing Gwen Stacy, but I wonder what story they’re gonna tell, because it wasn’t that long ago — we’re not, like, old people. That’s why I’d be nervous. They’re gonna tell the story, I guess, from the beginning again — but in a different way. But it wasn’t that long ago that we told that story. So the pressure’s on again a little bit in that way. Yeah, they’re in a funny position. But, hey, I’m sure they’re gonna work it out.”"

Speaking of age, Garfield is only one year older than Dunst in real life. When she appeared in the first Spider-man she was still a teenager. The lack of time between the reboot and the previous trilogy is something weighing heavily on all of us. I’m not sure if this movie will be nearly as successful as Raimi’s record breaking films.

What do you think of Dunst’s take on the new cast and story? Is she right about the time between films?

Source: ComicBookMovie