Tonight, ABC will air an all new episode of the hit medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy” and it’s going to be like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Sure we’ll get to watch Scott Foley and his interactions with Kim Raver’s character Teddy, but who cares about that when you’ve got Patrick Dempsey and Sandra Oh, in the middle of nowhere, on a boat?! We recently got to speak to Dr. Cristina Yang’s portrayer and she said tonight’s episode “Adrift in Peace” is a must see!

Before jumping into the Oh’s scoop, here’s the official episode synopsis of “Adrift in Peace.”

“Despite Meredith’s objections to the idea, a concerned Derek takes Cristina on a fishing trip in order to get away from it all, while Teddy, feeling directionless without Cristina, directs all of her efforts and compassion towards a dying patient (played by Scott Foley) who lacks the proper insurance to seek medical treatment.”

Now that you’ve read that, here’s what Ms. Oh had to say about Cristina, Derek, and those fish!

Sandra Oh: She’s been going through kind of a trauma of her own. And this is kind of, in some way, a transformation of sorts. It’s a very one-off episode. She goes fishing with Derek, which we shot up in Big Bear. It should be very beautiful. It’s a very different thing for you to see her out of the hospital.

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs tonight at 9pm on ABC.

Will you be watching Grey’s Anatomy tonight?