Writer/Director Sangmoo Lee teams up with Korea’s current box-office big dog Dong-gun Jang his latest picture, The Warriors Way. This visually compelling martial arts western is packed with elaborate fight sequences and highly impressive special affects. The film also stars Kate Bosworth and is set for a nationwide release Friday, December 3rd.

Find out more about the film below…

The film follows Jang who plays an Asian warrior/top of the heat swordsmen after he abandons his tribe to move West. The genre-blending picture combines the qualities of both a Western and Samurai film, bringing something fresh to your standard action flick.

At a recent press conference with one of the film’s producers, Barrie M. Osborne, he describes the script’s initial appeal, saying that…

“Every once in a while you come across a script that re-defines what is ‘cool’ or what’s interesting and fresh. On the surface, this is an action film and a fish out of water film. A guy from one culture is introduced to another culture and he has to learn how to survive.”

The cross-cultural factor is the film’s most promising asset, especially as the backdrop for Jang’s relationship with Lynne (Bosworth) whom he meets out West. A knife-thrower in a traveling carnival, Lynne teams up with Jang and they swap tricks of their respective trades. Needless to say, they make for an entertaining duo.

In addition, though, to the intricately choreographed fight sequences and language barrier silliness, the film has substance. Osborne, who’s highest claims to fame are The Matrix and The Lord Of The Rings trilogy further comments that The Warriors Way delves a little deeper than your average action film…

“Underneath that subtext and that overall plot there beats a heart, a heart that is a human heart. It’s a story about heart, in a sense a tragic love story. Told in this incredible vortex of violence. And also painted with a really stylistic brush so it has a feeling of something different.”

The Warrior’s Way is backed up by a high-profile international team and, in short, is your classic popcorn fun: excellent visuals, an engaging/exciting story-line, and plenty of action.

Be sure to check out the trailer for this one. The film hits theaters nationwide Friday, December 3rd!

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