For those of you mulling over the purchase of a ticket to this outrageously stupid film, listen up: Typically we associate Jim Carrey with unwavering humor and Ewan McGregor with infectious charm. In the sheer disaster that is I Love You Phillip Morris, both actors give performances utterly barren of the aforementioned qualities. Co-written/directed by longtime creative partners Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, the film (that I emphatically encourage all readers to avoid) opens in theaters nationwide this Friday.

The Players:

  • Writers/Directors: Glenn Ficarra, John Requa
  • Based On: The book by Steven McVicker
  • Producers: Glenn Ficarra, John Requa, Jeffrey Harlacker
  • Cast: Jim Carrey, Ewan McGregor, Leslie Mann

The Plot:

Based on a true story, I Love You Phillip Morris follows whack-job, Steven Russell, as he develops a hell of a record as a white collar con-man. Steven’s average married life takes an exciting turn when survives a severe car accident that inspires an epiphany: He’s gay! And will now abandon the small-town digs for an extravagant  life of shopping, fine dining, and exotic homes. How will he afford these luxuries? Fraud! During his first trip to jail he meets fellow gay, Phillip and they fall in love instantly – but Phillip won’t stand for Steven’s law-breaking agenda. Can he sacrifice his troublesome ways for love?

The Good:

  • True Story: The story line is based on actual events. Steven Russell was in fact an incredibly deft con-man who garnered exorbitant amounts of money over a 25 year stretch. This man fabricated an impressive resume with backgrounds in law and finance to not only climb the corporate latter but weasel Phillip of jail. The man is a genius, I applaud his cunning maneuvers.

The Bad:

  • Terrible Execution: The story was so poorly executed I almost threw my beverage at the screen.  There were a million ways to approach this picture and instead of committing to one, clear angle the filmmakers tried a little bit of everything.  Initially, we’ve got your standard Jim Carrey as the imbecile running around like an aimless freak. Then, suddenly, we’ve got super flame-y, intimate love scenes (that were in no way intended to be funny). The rest of the film was arbitrarily comprised of white collar crime/suspense, melodramatic family outbursts, then back to gay frolicking… that were supposed to be take seriously.  This was clearly an attempt to implement various themes and tackle multiple genres, which isn’t always a lofty ambition for a filmmaker if the story/script is well developed. Well-developed being the key phrase here.
  • Not Funny: There’s always a chance that regardless of the overall failure of the film the actors deliver a few of decent moments. Not today. It’s not entirely fair to blame the casting given that these roles were so poorly written – but Carrey’s comedic timing was beyond bleak and McGregor rides the rainbow so colorfully that real gays, all over the planet, should be both enraged/offended by how ridiculously they’re being portrayed.


It has been ages since I’ve seen something so abominable.

Rating: 1/10

This sorry excuse for a movie opens nationwide Friday, December 3rdt!


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