This isn’t really movie or television news but it involves Chuck Norris so it has to be covered. The 70 year old martial arts star has finally become what he was meant to be — a Texas Ranger. In the nineties Norris starred on the CBS cop drama “Walker, Texas Ranger,” where he played the title character, a lean mean fighting machine who handed out Texas justice. It was an iconic role for the actor, and because of it he’s become the real deal.

According to The Texas Tribune, the Texas Public Safety Commission voted in October to make Norris one of their own. Today in Garland he was officially awarded with the honorary title and guess what? So was his brother Aaron Norris, who also worked on the show.

Where is Paul Haggis when you need him? The Oscar winner was the co-creator of “Walker, Texas Ranger” and he wrote the majority of the episodes. We guess he was too busy.

Here’s a snippet from their introduction speech:

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that Texas is a law and order state and, if we have anything to say about it, always will be. People may whisper about his super powers, but the greatest power of Chuck Norris is his integrity and his commitment to training the next generation in self-reliance, hard work and honor.

Throughout his years as Walker, Texas Ranger, Chuck had the support of his brother and executive producer, Aaron. Together, they helped elevate our Texas Rangers to truly mythical status. It is for their service that I am proud to name them Honorary Texas Ranger Captains.

And just for the heck of it, here’s the opening to the “Walker, Texas Ranger” TV show.

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What do you think about Chuck and Aaron Norris becoming honorary Rangers?