We’ve got some big news regarding Warner Bros and their reboot of the upcoming Superman movie, The Man of Steel. According to Thompson on Hollywood, Hans Zimmer has been tapped to compose the score for the film. And for those of you wondering if Christopher Nolan will be holding the hand of director Zack Snyder throughout this journey, it’s not happening. The current DC/Warner Bros godfather will let Snyder have complete control of this one.

Zimmer is one of Hollywood’s busiest composers and while he’s working on films like the new Sherlock Holmes, and Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides, he’ll somehow make room for The Man of Steel. His schedule looks a little something like this: “On Jan. 1 he starts scoring Chapter 4 in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, which shot months ago in Hawaii. He’ll follow that with the Sherlock Holmes sequel, a Kung Fu Panda follow-up; then he’ll work on Nolan’s new Superman chapter.”

As for Snyder, there’s a lot of pressure on him to revive the Superman franchise after Bryan Singer’s lukewarm Superman Returns. According to Nolan’s wife and producing partner Emma Thomas, their involvement with Snyder’s direction will be limited. Via HitFix,

“…with Zack Snyder now on board as director, Nolan will be busy making “The Dark Knight Rises” and “we are handing it off to him.” So, take note anyone out there thinking this will be a strange Nolan/Snyder partnership. Thomas reiterated that they brought it to an appropriate screenplay and it’s now Snyder’s picture.”

Come on Synder, you can do it! There’s a lot riding on this project for the fans and your career. Good luck.

What do you think of Zimmer scoring The Man of Steel? Are you confident with Snyder’s direction?