Update: Producer Gale Anne Hurd denies any writers were fired. Read her response now!

Television writing is a hard job. You have to deliver quality content on a weekly basis and collaborate with a team. All the work, all the sweat, and all the tears are worth it when your show becomes a hit and is loved by critics and viewers alike. That’s why the scribes behind AMC’s newest powerhouse “The Walking Dead” were sitting on cloud nine, that was until the executive producer decided to fire all of them!

According to multiple sources, Frank Darabont has decided to clean house and has let go of the entire writing staff of the show. We know what you’re wondering, “Why?” That’s the question that’s on everybody’s mind and according to sources, Darabont wants to forgo a writing staff for the second season and just hire freelancers.

The first season of “The Walking Dead” only consisted of six episodes and Darabont wrote the first two, and co-wrote the other four. This wouldn’t be the first show to use the freelance writer model. The BBC/Starz hit “Torchwood” was able to do it after they borrowed the practice from the U.K. but people are worried about how the Writer’s Guild will react to it.

The second season of the show will be 13 episodes long and will likely debut during AMC’s Fearfest in October 2011. We’re interested to see if Darabont can pull this off.

What do you think of his decision to get rid of the writers?

Source: Deadline