We’ve got some good news for fans of the USA hit “Burn Notice.” The network is producing a prequel and it will center on Bruce Campbell’s character Sam Axe. Aren’t you excited?! Rumblings about the project began at this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego and now it’s all coming together. With season four of the show already in the can, they’ll begin filming the movie, and then follow up by shooting season five after that.

The story for the “Burn Notice” prequel will center on Axe’s “last mission as a Navy SEAL. It begins after a faction of Colombian rebels makes trouble for the locally stationed military platoon, with Lieutenant Commander Axe (APA-repped Campbell) being sent down to investigate. As the mission unfolds, Sam begins to uncover the dark secrets of the area, learning the truth about sacrifice, deception, and ultimately what’s worth fighting for.”

The prequel will be a two-hour film event that will be directed by the series’ original protagonist Jeffrey Donovan. They’re scheduled to begin shooting in Bogota, Columbia in January and the film is set to air during the spring of 2011. Who’s amped?!

What do you think about a Burn Notice prequel? Are you interested in seeing some more of Sam Axe?

Source: Deadline