This past Sunday the long awaited musical Spider-Man Turn off the Dark debuted with its first preview performance. Unfortunately, everything that could go wrong did go wrong and the crowd took note. Regardless of the bad early reviews that posted the next day, advance tickets sales for the show shot through the roof! On Monday, Turn off the Dark sold $1 million worth of tickets.

Producers barely expected the overall advance tickets to bring in $10 million total let alone $1 million in a day. It’s a price that will probably pay for one week of the musical’s run. Turn off the Dark has been named the most expensive Broadway production in history costing $65 million to produce. The initial $10 million that they were shooting for was a relative low amount when you factor in all of the other numbers.

If you need a recap of what happened on Sunday here it is: the show was stopped five times, there was a 40 minute intermission due to technical difficulties, and the lead actor got tangled in his aerial harness and had to be helped down. All of these things could have been ironed out if they actually rehearsed the show before going on but they didn’t. How professional (sarcasm)?

Are you surprised that Turn off the Dark sold that well?

Source: Variety

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