Last week we learned that JJ Abrams tapped his “Lost” acting reserve for his new television series “Alcatraz.” The producer brought on Jorge Garcia who played Hurley on the island drama to fill a pivotal role on the show. Today, we’ve learned that he’ll be joined by a fresh face in the form of Sarah Jones, who’s been hired to play the female lead in “Alcatraz.” Do we have our next Keri Russell, Jennifer Garner, Evangeline Lilly, or Anna Torv on our hands?

According to Deadline, Jones will play the role of “Rebecca Madsen, a smart, thoughtful and a little obsessive police officer.” “Alcatraz’s” premise centers on “a group of missing Alcatraz prisoners and guards who reappear in the present day. It chronicles the efforts of a team of FBI agents to track them down and unravel the mystery behind their disappearance thirty years prior.” Garcia will star as Dr. Diego Soto, a hippy geek who’s an expert on the prison and the island.

If Jones’ face looks familiar to you it’s probably because of her previous television work on FX’s “Sons of Anarchy” and HBO’s “Big Love.” She knows a thing or two about playing recurring characters but now it’s her time to shine as the lead.

What do you think of Sarah Jones being cast as the female lead in Alcatraz? Is she a good choice? Have you seen her previous work?