The last time we checked X-Men First Class had been filming for a while, so imagine our surprise when we discovered that they’re still casting roles for the movie. According to IGN, Ray Wise has joined the cast and he’ll play an important political figure. Let us think, will he be one the government officials trying to come down on Charles Xavier and other mutants? Find out what Wise had to say about his role below…

Wise stated, “I’m playing the Secretary of State of the United States. I’ll be going over there in the next couple of weeks.” So production is obviously still going strong at the moment. Since he’s not playing a mutant (there are already too many to count) we’re assuming that his part will be rather small like the presidents in X2: X-Men United or X3: The Last Stand.

Ray Wise has been steadily acting in Hollywood for years with his most well known gig being his run on the cult series “Twin Peaks” and his bad guy role in Robocop. He’ll actually appear in an upcoming episode of the cable series “Psych” for their special “Twin Peaks” themed episode. His appearance should be an interesting treat.

What do you think of Ray Wise joining X-Men First Class?