For those of you who watch NBC’s “The Event” Monday night must have been tough. It was the last episode of the first half of its season and you will have to wait another three months until it returns from hiatus. Until then, the network has a fantastical mid-season replacement to occupy that slot and it’s called “The Cape.” It reminds us of what “Heroes” used to be before it went down the tubes. Maybe this show will learn from its mistakes. Check out the newest preview…

“The Cape” stars David Lyons (“ER“) as a cop named”Vince Faraday who, after being framed by the villain Chess for crimes he did not commit, teams with a group of carnival misfits to take a new identity, fight crime and win his family back.” Guess who the leader of the carnie folk is? It’s Keith David! That man can do no wrong in our eyes. Also, Summer Glau aka River Tam aka Cameron from “Firefly” and “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” also co-stars.

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“The Cape” premieres on January 9 at 9 pm.

What do you think of the trailer for The Cape? Will you watch the show?