Michael Douglas has had a rough year. The Oscar award winner was in the middle of a promotional tour for Wall Street Money Never Sleeps when he revealed that he was battling cancer. The actor and producer never let the disease get the best of him, and since then he’s undergone extensive treatment. Douglas recently spoke to THR about the preparation he’s doing for his next big screen role in Steven Soderberg’s Liberace biopic.

Douglas told the trade that he’s currently a blank slate when it comes to the character and he’s got a ton of tapes that he’s been watching of his performances. Thus far everything he’s seen shows that he was a very lovely man. Liberace is set to begin production in May or June and will require Douglas to wear prosthetic makeup to get the full look of the singer. He’ll also have to undergo some serious musical training so he can believably pull off the performance sequences.

Besides Douglas, there’s been word that Matt Damon has been tapped to play Liberace’s lover Scott Thorson.

Are you ready to see Douglas get back into the swing of things? Do you think he’ll make a good Liberace?