I know you’re all excited for this one! That’s right, you now have the chance to take Justin Bieber in all many looks (he has many looks???) home with you to do whatever you want with him — just never tell me what you do. Bravado and The Bridge Direct, Inc. announced the launch of the Justin Bieber toy and doll line which go on sale this weekend at Toys R’ Us.

Not only can you get a singing Bieber doll, a posing Bieber doll and…a, well… singing-posing Bieber doll, but you can also get plush teddy bears wearing Bieber-related shirt and a Bieber-themed microphone which can play clips from his songs with concert sound effects. The dolls come in two different sets, one set that sits there and looks cool, and the other that actually (OMG!) sings:

JB Style Collection boasts Justin’s street style and some looks that the 16-year-old singer sports at awards shows and red-carpet events. Each of the style figures “includes fashion, microphone and sunglasses or headphones.”

The other equally Tween-coveted set is the Music Video Collection Singing Figures and JB Style Collection. The Collection Singing Figures play 30-second clip of “Baby” or “One Less Lonely Girl” and come in outfits which Bieber dons in his music videos.

The JB Style Collection is priced at $17.99 while the Bieber musical dolls are priced at $27.99. Check out a video, that’s right! A video of the dolls below…

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Why do I feel like these dolls are just asking for trouble for his fans and haters?