Monday night a brand new episode of “Chuck” aired on NBC appropriately titled “Chuck vs The Leftovers.” It’s the week after Thanksgiving and there was a lot of extra action and drama still lingering after the holiday. But some critics felt that this week’s show did nothing but harp on plot points that have already been beaten to death. Do you agree with that assessment? Here’s what they had to say…

The Set Up:

This week’s episode begins in Moscow.  With the strains of a Russian anthem playing, Chuck’s mother, Mary Elizabeth (aka Agent Frost), enters.  Alexi Volkoff informs her that he has learned that Agent Carmichael is still alive.  Mary is just as surprised as he is (though it was she who let Chuck and Sarah escape).  Volkoff blames himself for underestimating the spies.  He hands Mary a folder with the biographies of his top three North America-based assassins: these men will make sure Chuck is dead this time. [TVOvermind]

We’ve seen this before:

“Chuck Versus the Leftovers” wasn’t a bad episode, but it offered a bad case of … of, well, the leftovers, as many of the major plot points were either things the show has harped on endlessly this season — like Ellie not wanting Chuck to get back into the spy game she doesn’t know he’s back into — or basic plots the show has returned to again and again and again — like the idea of the bad guys taking over the Buy More. Heck, the episode’s major pop culture references were all to “Die Hard,” and the show has made jokes about that movie many times, but, most notably, in the last Christmas episode the series did, “Chuck Versus the Santa Claus.” [LA Times]

Timothy Dalton’s Still Got It:

There could have been easier ways for the character of Volkoff to go in this episode — the psycho part of him could have melted away in favor of the lovesick part — but to his immense credit, Dalton played crazy-in-love about as well as I’ve ever seen it played on television. “Chuck” hasn’t really gotten any recognition from the Emmys in its first three seasons, but Dalton gave an award-worthy performance here — funny, scary, intense and great. [Zap2it]

Was this Chuck’s Bottle Episode?:

Seeing how ‘Chuck’ produces an hour of television on its shoestring budget is always a spectator sport unto itself, and tonight was no exception. Aside from a brief intro scene in Moscow, each scene took place in a location already established in the show’s world. That left enough money kicking around to afford the show’s two big guest stars and some sweet, computerized Buy More turrets. (Those would come in helpful not only during terrorist raids, but also Black Friday, no?) Were this ‘Community,’ the outing might have been called ‘Chuck Versus the Bottle Episode.’ [TV Squad]

What did you think of this week’s episode?