Tonight (November 29) NBC’s freshman series “The Event” will wrap up the first part of its debut season before disappearing for a winter hiatus. The network already gave the show a full season, a mercy it was granted by the skin of its teeth. The ratings aren’t amazing and the storylines have been heavily criticized for being too much like “Lost,” “24,” and”FlashForward” all rolled into one. People say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but in the case of television sometimes it can makes you grow apart.

After tonight’s episode, “The Event” will take a 3 month break to accommodate a new series. NBC will put another newbie (“The Cape“) into the 9 pm slot for January and February. “The Event” will then return for a 12 week run that will complete the season. If history has taught us anything, it’s that shows like this don’t fair well with big breaks, look at what happened to “FlashForward.” The ABC drama took a similar break, and when it returned no one gave a damn about it anymore. It also didn’t help that the writing had gone downhill and nothing made sense.

The” killer hiatus” is another reason why ABC and Fox decided to air “Lost” and “24″ in the beginning of the year and play episodes straight out with limited reruns. People have short attention spans and if you have a heavy drama that relies on mystery and intrigue you have to constantly keep audiences on their toes. Making them wait for three months doesn’t do the show any favors.

Will you stick around for The Event?

Source: Zap2it