The U.S. government is constantly fighting the war against terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan and of course here in the U.S. That’s why they’re cracking down on individuals who support terrorist activities and apparently a new person has found themselves on their watch list — Mark Ruffalo. We don’t know about you but when we think about threats to this country the talented The Kids Are All Right actor immediately comes to mind (sarcasm).

According to The Guardian, Ruffalo has been put on the U.S. terrorist watch list after openly supporting a film called Gasland. It’s a documentary that exposes the alleged dangers of natural gas drilling. The actor got on their radar when he organized screenings of the Josh Fox film and stated his concern regarding “the impact of drilling on water supplies.”

Ruffalo also spoke about the drilling in GQ magazine where he opened up about his new terrorist name tag. He described it as “pretty f–kin’ funny.” If you think about it, he’s absolutely right. Instead of going after murderers and rapists, we’re going after Ruffalo because he encouraged people to see a film about gas drilling. Are they afraid that viewers might be able to come to a sensible conclusion about the practice and dare we say, do something about it?

What do you think of Ruffalo being put on the terrorist watch list? Is it overboard?