Are you ready for the 83rd Academy Awards ceremony? Not really? Well, maybe this will interest you: Anne Hathaway and James Franco have been hired to co-host the event. Still not interested? We understand, this decision seems completely out of left field but the show’s producers are dead set on having the next generation of big stars emcee Hollywood’s biggest night.

According to Oscar producers Bruce Cohen and Don Mischer:

“James Franco and Anne Hathaway personify the next generation of Hollywood icons — fresh, exciting and multi-talented. We hope to create an Oscar broadcast that will both showcase their incredible talents and entertain the world on February 27. We are completely thrilled that James and Anne will be joining forces with our brilliant creative team to do just that.”

Don’t get us wrong, we love Franco and Hathaway but this decision just seems — weird. The “odd couple” format they tried this year with Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin was geriatric and forced and now we have these two young guns coming in to spice things up. The last time the Academy tried to add youth to the broadcast we ended up sitting through a terrible presentation that featured dancers pop locking to the score of The Hurt Locker. Just keep it simple!

The Academy Awards will air on ABC on Sunday, February 27.

What do you think of Hathaway and Franco hosting the Oscars?

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