Over the past year 20th Century Fox has been promising us a Deadpool spin-off. Yet, its development has been moving at the rate of frozen molasses, and star Ryan Reynolds‘ ever growing roster of movies isn’t helping. Even though the studio has treated the project like an unwanted step-child for months they’re still very protective of the project. According to THR, they have filed a lawsuit against a New York woman who’s accused of posting the Deadpool script online.

The woman in question is Patricia McIlvaine, a mother of two who has allegedly posted roughly 100 scripts from various TV shows and movies online. The studio claims that the postings “interfere and trade off of the costly and carefully designed creative processes that produce finished works ready for public consumption. They harm the fans who do not want their enjoyment of a movie or television show to be spoiled by knowing the story ahead of actually being able to watch it.”

Fox is looking for $15 million in compensation for the leak. On Max Adams’ website it was revealed how she was notified of the suit.

Two strangers knocked on her door and informed her, in front of her children, 20th Century Fox was suing her for 15 million dollars. Two hours later, after grilling her with questions for two solid hours, they left her stunned and crying in her living room staring at a business card that stated they were “private investigators.”

This was the first contact PJ had from 20th Century Fox regarding a Media Fire online script library she created — and was the day 20th Century Fox filed a law suit against PJ in federal court for fifteen million dollars.

Yipes! If we didn’t know any better we’d think the studio actually cared about the movie. Unfortunately, this is more about potential financial loss rather than spoilers. If a script leaks online you don’t have to read it. Plus, the studio still has to find the person who got the script to McIlvaine in the first place. Just like with the video leak of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, they’re going to have to look on the inside.

What do you think of Fox’s actions towards this woman?