After several failed runs on network television Eliza Dushku is moving on to cable. The actress has just landed the lead role in a pilot for a TNT drama called “Bird Dog.” It’s not the most welcoming title but we’ll go with it for now. Also veteran actor D.B. Sweeney has been cast in the TBS pilot “Brain Child,” once again, what is up with these names? Find out more below…

TNT’s “Bird Dog” centers on two cops who happen to be related. Dushku will play Gail McGrath a woman who followed in her father’s footsteps in becoming a police officer. Besides the badge and DNA the pair have nothing in common, that is until her father shows up on her front doorstep to join her as her new partner. We can see the trouble brewing now.

On the other hand Sweeney’s new gig “Brain Child” is a little darker. The show centers on “Detective Billy Doyle (Sweeney), whose career and life have hit rock bottom after he accidentally ends his partner’s career.” That’s gotta hurt. But don’t be too sad there’s an upside to this downer’s life. He takes on a case which “gets unexpected and unconventional help from three hyper-smart geniuses from a private think tank. If Doyle can survive the chaos and keep these new partners in line, they just may be the antidote to resurrect his career and, ultimately, his life.”

Out of these two, we’re leaning more towards “Brain Child” only because the premise is slightly unique. We feel as if we’ve seen the family cop drama too many times.

What do you think of both shows? Which one would you watch?

Source: Deadline