The fifth season of “Dexter” continues to chug along with its latest episode, “In the Beginning.” The title sounds kind of daunting doesn’t it? Lumen and Dexter took their teacher-student relationship to the next level and we’re not just talking about killing. The dirty duo got it on! How did you feel about that? Here’s what critics had to say about everything that went down…

The Set Up:

In this episode, Dexter and Lumen kill the fourth of the five abusers, leaving only Jordan Chase. All signs point to him as the ringleader among the five. The latest to die, a banker named Alex, protested that he and the others would have never acted on their own, would have never abused all those women: “It’s all Jordan! He has this way.” Karma comes sharply for Alex, in this case by Lumen’s own hand as she sinks a knife into his heart, her hands adorned in the leather gloves Dexter purchased for her. [The Atlantic]

The Lumen Love:

In all, the Lumen storyline is a retread of two previous ones that I never found compelling in the first place: Dexter has a partner (which we saw with Miguel Prado) and Dexter has a lover (the annoying Lila).  I didn’t mind Rita so much as Dexter’s love interest because, in the beginning anyway, it was clear why he was with her: because she was damaged and could help him lead a normal life.  But just because Dexter says things like, “Here we are, hunting as a pair: it’s all become so natural,” it doesn’t mean that it feels natural to the audience.[LA Times]

Dexter is arguably closer to this girl than he ever was to Rita, someone who, in retrospect, didn’t truly know who he is. With Lumen, he’s found someone that is also damaged goods and, for that reason, it makes perfect sense that they could be lovers. Of course, such things weren’t made to last and one cannot help but thinking that this is the final calm before the unavoidable storm that’s on the horizon. []

Scott Grimes is that You?

Who else squealed in delight at seeing good ol’ Archie Morris (Scott Grimes, best known for his seven years on ‘ER’) as the missing fifth rapist? It was almost a shame he was killed off so quickly, although at least the writers gave him some extra lines before Lumen straddled and stabbed him. Of course now there is absolutely no link between Jordan and the cabal of kidnappers except for the crazy Emily Birch character, who is being manipulated by Jordan Chase. [TV Squad]

Dexter and Lumen Get it On — Too Soon?

Back at the house, Lumen was flying high after her kill. Clearly healed (at least, a little) by the experience, she moved toward Dexter and removed his shirt after removing her own. Dexter did nothing to resist. We left off with the killer twosome having, well, a twosome. For both, it was a healing moment, and for Dexter, it was an eye-opener. “With Lumen, I’m someone different. In her eyes, I’m not a monster at all.” [EW]

I’m also not a fan of Dexter and Lumen hooking up, which was what happened Sunday night after Dexter let Lumen murder Alex Tilden, a member of Jordan’s crew (played by Scott Grimes, who to me will always be that snotty bad doc on “ER”).  I’ve been dreading this moment all season.  I know some of you are Lumen fans, but I think there’s so little going on with her character, which is not Julia Stiles’ fault. Her character has two settings, basically: traumatized and boring.  I still don’t get what Dexter sees in her: the chance to make things right in the universe by saving a would-be blond victim like Rita? A Supergirl-type sidekick?  A vengeful feminist goddess?  And how do any of those things lead to sex? [LA Times]

Can’t forget creepy Peter Weller:

Peter Weller continues to steal his scenes as the shady but on-the-right-track Stan Liddy. It’s not the first nor the last time someone will find out about Dexter, but we all know what happens to people who do. Weller hits all the right notes as a disgraced cop desperate to redeem himself — no matter what the cost. And who can blame him? Dexter would be a bigger catch than the Trinity Killer for Liddy, and he’s so very close. [TV Squad]

What did you think of this week’s episode of Dexter?