Dan Aykroyd is getting ready to make an appearance on the small screen for a guest spot on the new CBS series “The Defenders.” The show stars Jerry O’Connell and James Belushi, who happens to be the younger brother of John Belushi who starred opposite Aykroyd on “Saturday Night Live” and in the Blues Brothers. It will be like a family reunion — sort of.

According to the official CBS Twitter (via THR), “This Just In…DAN AYKROYD reunites w Blues Brothers partner JIM BELUSHI guesting on “THE DEFENDERS” in early 2011 as a judge needing help!” Belushi and Aykroyd have worked together before in the later years of the Blues Brothers run along with John Goodman.

Aykroyd will appear in two episodes of “The Defenders” as a tough as nails judge who clashes with Belushi’s lawyer character. If you watch the show, you already know that this will be a clash of the titans. That guy doesn’t like to lose a case, and he hates it when things don’t go his way.

“The Defenders” airs on CBS Wednesdays at 10 pm.

What do you think of Aykroyd appearing on The Defenders? Do you watch the show?