Not only is Burlesque (read review) making money at the box office, the soundtrack to the film is also scoring big with the fans. Christina Aguilera and Cher’s latest drag show… I mean… musical extravaganza hit the #1 position at iTunes over the holiday weekend and as of release time is still holding down the #1 spot. I guess people just loved Cher’s big number! Oh wait, she didn’t have one? Just a ballad? Hmmm… And the soundtrack doesn’t come with boobs does it? Because that would keep it flying off the charts!

Burlesque features new recordings performed and co-written by five time Grammy winner Christina Aguilera, with production by Tricky Stewart, Linda Perry and Ron Fair and songwriting by Claude Kelly, Tricky Stewart and Sia.

The soundtrack also features two brand new tracks performed by the legendary Cher, including “You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me”, a powerful Diane Warren penned ballad which was produced by Matt Serletic. This marks Cher’s first new original song in seven years as well as her first movie musical. The soundtrack also includes remakes / covers of classic songs such as Etta James’ “Something’s Got A Hold On Me” and “Tough Lover” and Mae West’s “A Guy What Takes His Time” all performed by Christina Aguilera.

Below please find final tracklisting:

  1. Something’s Got A Hold On Me Christina Aguilera
  2. Welcome To Burlesque Cher
  3. Tough Lover Christina Aguilera
  4. But I Am A Good Girl Christina Aguilera
  5. Guy What Takes His Time Christina Aguilera
  6. Express Christina Aguilera
  7. You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me Cher
  8. Bound To You Christina Aguilera
  9. Show Me How You Burlesque Christina Aguilera
  10. The Beautiful People (from Burlesque) Christina Aguilera

Personally, I think Aguilera has a voice that manages to impress me over and over again, but this film needed a music producer that could live up to her ability.

Did you buy the soundtrack?