Earlier this week we learned that Disney Animation plans on throwing in the towel when it comes to their fairy tale movies. With the release of Tangled, they’re closing a chapter on the genre and choosing to concentrate on broader characters and stories. This is a sad, sad day for a lot of us considering how fairy tales and princess movies are what we grew up on. In honor of this shift, the studio has released a video that highlights all 50 of their animated movies including their latest addition. Take a look and reminisce because you won’t see films like these again for a very long time…

This video starts off with their very first animated feature, 1937′s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and it leads all the way up to Tangled, which is a take on the story of Rapunzel. We almost shed a tear while watching this video. It really is the end of an era for filmmaking. Thanks for the memories Disney!

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Tangled opens in theaters everywhere on November 24.

What do you think of the video? Are you saddened by Disney’s decision to stop making princess films?