Remember the kid that beat you up in elementary school and stole your lunch money? What about the overly ambitious self-absorbed head of the yearbook committee? Or worse yet, the ineffectual business suck-up who will throw anyone under the bus to get ahead? Certain movie characters combine all of the above characteristics, and more, in one tightly wrapped package…. The ten biggest Asshole movie characters of all time are:

10. Mike Dexter – Can’t Hardly Wait

Peter Facinelli plays the super-jock role perfectly (Facinelli was 25 when he played Dexter). There is almost nothing likable about this character – he has annoying friends, beats up on the “uncool” kids, and the worst part – he has (had) an attractive girlfriend. There is a Mike Dexter in every high school in every country in the world, and he is a complete A-hole. Like most movie A-holes, Dexter gets what he deserves in the end, and is publicly humiliated.

9. Shooter McGavin – Happy Gilmore

Another jock makes the list with Christopher McDonald’s portrayal of Shooter McGavin.  Shooter makes the list for the little “gunslinger” maneuver and that horrible “fake love” sequence in Happy Gilmore. If you’ve ever played sports at any level, you know that Shooter McGavin is a complete A-Hole. He’s a showman to a fault, and cheats to get ahead – that’s why he makes this list. Great A-hole performance across the board.

8. Cady Haron/Regina George – Mean Girls

Being an adolescent girl in high school must be hard, but being in school with Cady Haron and Regina George would be flat-out horrifying. Solid performances by Lindsay Lohan/ Rachel McAdams give the audience an idea of just how difficult it must be to be a teenage girl who falls for the wrong guy. Say all of the bad things you want about Lindsay Lohan, but this might be her best performance to date.

7. Walter Peck – Ghostbusters

William Atherton gives the performance of his career as the journalist who is just a bit too persistent. Every time Walter Peck makes an appearance on screen, you can’t help but grind your teeth; stop being so nosy Walter!  The scene where Peck calls the authorities over to the Ghostbusters containment facility alone makes Peck a top-ten A-hole.  At least he gets what he deserves at the end.

6.  Johnny Lawrence – The Karate Kid

Poor Daniel Larusso… Johnny Lawrence made Danny’s move from New Jersey to the better coast an absolute nightmare. William Zabka plays the role perfectly, and frankly, the guy looks like he’d play the perfect A-hole in any movie. Johnny Lawrence is a top-ten candidate because he represents every bully in every school around the world – he is the prototype. Once again, this character gets what he deserves in the end.

5. Biff – Back to the Future

Biff has become a cultural phenomenon, and is the prototypical bully. “Why don’t you make like a tree, and get outta here” and “Butthead” were invented by Biff. Back to the Future is one for the ages, and Biff is a major reason for that. Biff is certainly a meat-head, but that’s not the only reason he’s an A-hole. Biff is also a devious cheat, and in subsequent Back to the Future movies, we learn that he isn’t all that dumb.

4. Charlie Dillon – School Ties

Matt Damon plays the classic prep-school A-hole in School Ties. Aside from being anti-semitic and a complete jerk, Dillon left us with one of the more memorable lines to close a movie: “You know something? I’m still gonna get into Harvard. And in 10 years no one will remember any of this.” Damon will almost certainly convince you that you should not send your kids to an East-Coast prep school.

3. Detective Alonzo Harris – Training Day

I can’t think of another character in the history of movies who caused more mayhem in a single day. Detective Harris drove drunk, killed his alleged best friend, and hired people to kill his partner on the same day. Denzel Washington is as much of an a-hole as he is a bad-ass in his portrayal of Detective Alonzo Harris. Ironically, Harris gets shot in the ass toward the end of the movie.

2. Annie Wilkes – Misery

Talk about an asshole move: breaking the ankles of the guy who you are holding hostage so he won’t escape and finish the book of your dreams. Kathy Bates plays the perfect villain, sure, but the way she treats Paul Sheldon qualifies as some of the worst asshole behavior we’ve seen in movie history.

1. Bill Lumbergh – Office Space

Bill Lumbergh really is, in Peter Gibbons’ words, an “unholy pig of a boss”. TPS report reminders, and vivid imagery of Lumbergh drinking coffee while making love to Gibbons’ girlfriend during a dream sequence qualify Bill for the top spot. The worst part – he’s real! And he’ll make you come in to work every weekend. We hope that you don’t work for a Bill Lumbergh type, but if you do, you may want to consider quitting ASAP.

Who are some of your favorite cinematic bullies?

Written by Sunil Rajaraman who is the President and CEO of