“Sesame Street” continues to dish out some amazing viral videos featuring their most well known characters. This time we have Cookie Monster, the blue creature who as you already know has an obsession with cookies. Apparently, he doesn’t like being stereotyped so he’s trying to diversify his career. He wants to try comedic acting. Since social networking has become the most powerful tool in media he’s made a video to appeal to the masses. Cookie Monster wants to host “Saturday Night Live” and he needs your help! Watch his audition….

After the success of the Betty White Facebook campaign that got the legendary actress on SNL, everyone seems to want a piece of the action. Screw going to studio heads or talking to agents, just appeal to the people and they’ll get you on. Cookie Monster hopes he can woo you with his versatility and determination. He’s more than what meets the eye.

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Everything about this is awesome. It’s hilarious how accurate they got some of the “Saturday Night Live” sets and title cards. The people over at “Sesame Street” sure know how to rope in an older audience.

What do you think of Cookie Monster’s audition tape? Should he host SNL and more importantly, would you watch?