The major DVD Releases really run the gamut this week. There’s the mega-testosterone fueled thrill ride of The Expendables right alongside the estrogen-soaked introspection of Eat Pray Love. Something for everybody! Or the best argument yet for having two DVD players in the house. All that, plus a few indie films (including that infamous Joaquin Phoenix experiment) and a small smattering of TV on DVD.

Check it out below…

Feature Films

The Expendables

If there’s one thing that irks me it’s all the false advertising for 3-D features that are as flat Jessica Biel’s performance in…well, anything. Now, we have more false advertising to gripe about. Every commercial I see for this DVD claims that all these great action stars are together, “For the first and last time!” Ummmmm, did I miss something?

Sly, you’ve joined the false advertising parade and I am none too please.

Click Here to buy The Expendables on DVD. But remember, they probably all will be together again.

Eat Pray Love

“If women like it, it must be stupid.”

I read this quote when this book was tearing through the charts and the movie had been greenlit and it sort of resonated with me. Because in our society this seems to be the case.

Think about it. Any sort of romantic movie is automatically derided as a chick flick. No matter how good it is, if it appeals to women it instantly faces that stigma. Love Actually is an absolute comedy classic, and it falls into the chick flick category. Gilmore Girls was one of the ten best TV shows of the decade, and because of its title, people sneer at it as being nothing but a show about slumber parties and hairdos.

I’ve always railed against the inherent sexism in Hollywood: How a lack of women behind the camera leads to horrible lack of good roles for them on camera. How the Best Actress race is always the easiest to predict. How female roles always, always, revolve around the male in the story.

But it’s easy to see how the sexism extends beyond even the executive ivory towers when you see how quickly people dismiss a movie like Eat Pray Love just based on the title and because it’s enjoyed by women.

So, I implore you, stop thinking that a book or movie appeals to women that it must be inferior. You’re certain to find some gems you’d otherwise run from.

You can start by buying Eat Pray Love on DVD.



It’s a typical hodgepodge of not much in the TV section this week. To wit:

  • “7th Heaven”: The Final Season – Buy Now
  • “Murder She Wrote”: Season 12 – Buy Now
  • “Pillars of the Earth” – Buy Now
  • “The Tudors”: The Complete Series – Buy Now

And Just So You Know, This DVD Exists…

Why do I get the feeling this will be the best-selling DVD in the history of this category?

What DVD will you be picking up this week?