Christian Bale finally opened up about his next gig after this year’s The Fighter. He’ll star in a little known comic flick called The Dark Knight Rises (sarcasm). Director Christopher Nolan has said on more than one occasion that he plans on making the film the finale in his Batman trilogy and after that he’ll happily pass the baton on to someone else. Bale shares his same sentiments and admits that if Nolan is done after three, so is he.

Bale sat down with Ben Lyons from E! News and revealed, “This will be, I believe, until Chris [Nolan] says different, the last time I’ll be playing Batman. He also said that he along with the rest of the crew are going to put 110 percent of their energy into this project. Bale exclaimed, “Absolutely, we want to go all out with it.”

The actor knows how intense the Batman fanbase is but he’s still shocked by how much buzz the new film’s title has gotten. “I don’t even know if [The Dark Knight Rises is] the right title,” Bale said. “Until Chris tells me, I don’t believe it.” Is it wrong that we hope it isn’t the film’s title? It just doesn’t have the same pizazz as the previous one.

What do you think of Bale’s outlook on his final Batman role? Do you think it’s a wrap for the Nolanverse?