For those of you who were waiting for Lindsay Lohan to make her big comeback in the biopic Inferno, it’s not happening. The actress is no longer attached to the project and has officially been replaced. According to Deadline, Lohan was dropped because she was impossible to insure and the producer’s already had their eye on another blond bombshell – Malin Akerman.

Akerman is known for doing comedies, indie films, and the occasional action flick (Watchmen) but this will be her first headlining gig and she’ll be playing a porn star. Inferno centers on Linda Lovelace, who was one of the top porn actresses in the 1970s. Her life behind the camera was just as outlandish as it was in front. She claimed that she was forced into the “business” by her first husband who she described as more of a pimp than a mate and after all her success, later in life she fought against the very industry that gave her such acclaim.

Over the course of her career, Lovelace is most known for her performance in the infamous adult film, Deep Throat. We’re sure Inferno will feature some risque scenes but Akerman doesn’t seem like the shy type when it comes to nudity. Did you see her sex scene in Watchmen? Yeesh! Also, Akerman looks more like Lovelace than Lohan and she’s more than capable of pulling off the vulnerability and sex appeal needed for the part.

What do you think of Akerman replacing Lohan? Is she a good casting choice?