Most episodes of “CSI: Miami” revolve around murders; this one, however, revolves around an attempted murder. Yes, no one dies this week – shocking, we know. But it isn’t due to lack of effort, and it certainly isn’t due to lack of weird guns. Read on to find out the details and get the final verdict!

The Players:

  • Director: Tim Story
  • Written By: Scott Landy
  • Cast: David Caruso, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, Eva LaRue, Jonathan Togo, Rex Linn, Omar Benson Miller

Episode Title: “On the Hook”

The CSI team is called in when a fisherman is almost shot after he witnesses a man trying to jump off a bridge to his death. It turns out that the victim is a bookie, and the jumper is concealing some sort of dark secret. After another attempt is made on the victim’s life by a different shooter with a unique gun, the team realizes that a mysterious figure is using proxies to murder the bookie. They have to race to figure out the common factor between the two hitmen before the real killer succeeds, leading to an explosive, glass-shattering finale.

The Good:

  • Some Assembly Required: The idea of using a homemade gun to commit murder is an interesting (although not wholly original) idea, and the way it’s presented in the show is well done. When H lays the individual component pieces on the table, the viewer initially sees them as worthless bits of trash but then we realize that it’s actually a highly unconventional firearm. The fact that it’s incredibly inaccurate and it blew up thanks to improper manufacturing add to the verisimilitude.

The Bad:

  • Fish-Eye Lens: After sitting around in standby mode for the past few episodes, “CSI: Miami’s” godlike computer is back with a vengeance. This time around it’s able to display a streaming underwater video in such high definition that Calleigh is able to identify exactly what a random piece of debris is. Any higher quality and they would be able to zoom in on individual atoms… although we’re not discounting that possibility in a future episode.
  • Good Eyes, H: In one scene, Horatio is able to save the fisherman’s life when he spots the light glinting off the scope of the sniper’s gun.  The one problem is that the gun in question is the homemade piece we mentioned earlier; not only does it not have a scope, it’s made out of tarnished, rusty metal – it couldn’t be less reflective unless it was painted jet black.  The windows of the CSI building are more likely to look like guns than that thing, especially at long distance.
  • Stumbling Across the Finish Line: This episode seemed to teeter out towards the end; a grand total of two murder attempts were made, no one died, and we didn’t even actually find out why the ultimate bad guy wanted to kill anyone to begin with – the techs just assumed it was because he owed the bookie money. Horatio managed to liven things up with some casual police brutality, but it wasn’t enough to save the ending from being lackluster. In fact, the majority of this episode was spent on the bridge with the jumper refusing to tell anyone anything, which might be a realistic reaction but it makes for some boring TV.

The Quotable:

  • “It was an adrenaline thing, you should try it some time.”
  • “You take the swamp, I’ll take the rocks.” “Can’t – got the nice shoes on today.” “OK, I’ll take the rocks and you take the swamp.”
  • “I spoke too soon. When I find the shooter, I’m adding animal cruelty to the list.”
  • “Dead men don’t pay restitution.”
  • “Victim at the crime scene said the only thing holding Shane to the bridge was a breeze.”
  • “The next step you take will be at the morgue.”
  • “You have no evidence!” “I’m loaded with evidence, my friend.”


All-around, not a very good episode.  The murder attempts and the science were outlandish, while the characters were mostly maddening and obnoxious, and Horatio didn’t even get his usual pre-credits one-liner. If you skip this week’s installment you won’t be missing much.

Rating: 4/10

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