It’s no secret that there’s only one film that has a shot at claiming the top spot when this weekend’s box office report comes back. Hint: all your friends on Facebook are talking about it. Another hint: it’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Still, there’s always the number two spot to aim for, and even though it came in second last week, Unstoppable, the latest collaboration between Denzel Washington and Tony Scott, might still hold on to that place. It earned $23.5 million already, losing out to Megamind. It’s always tough to compete with an animated kids’ film. But with that in mind, all the kids this week will probably flock to the latest Harry Potter movie, leaving Megamind in the dust.

Then again, Russell Crowe has a new movie coming out that may threaten Unstoppable‘s place in the ranking. The Next Three Days has the added bonus of Elizabeth Banks in the cast to draw in the male viewers. Chris Pine, on the other hand, plays a major part in Unstoppable and he will surely catch the eye of many young women.

Whichever of those two that come out on top this weekend may have the reviews to thank. The Next Three Days hasn’t impressed the critics, whereas Unstoppable is being hailed as one of the most thrilling action movies in recent memory.

Our guess? With Harry Potter soaring above the competition, Unstoppable will grab the number two spot while curious viewers will place The Next Three Days in third. Megamind‘s target audience will be too distracted by the latest outing in their favorite franchise to pay any more attention to that movie; it will fall to fourth.

Disagree with this assessment? What will you be seeing this weekend?