The Wolverine news keeps chugging along as even more info has been released regarding the upcoming sequel. We recently learned that the film will begin shooting in April, and that Darren Aronofsky just set up a two-year production deal with 20th Century Fox. Even though his future looks big and bright, the director recently admitted to SHH that he hasn’t fully delved into The Wolverine because he’s busy promoting his latest film, Black Swan. As a matter of fact, a script hasn’t even been finalized yet.

Aronofsky: “Chris McQuarrie wrote a great screenplay. We’re trying to get it into a slightly better place but he’s working on it, and I think it’ll be easy to fix. Chris is an amazing writer and I’m very lucky to have him as a collaborator.”

Even though the story isn’t pitch perfect right now, one thing is for sure, Japan will play a huge part in it. The last time we saw Logan at the end of Wolverine, he was sitting at a bar in the country trying to drink away his problems. Unfortunately for him, problems follow the anti-hero wherever he goes.

Word on the street is that the film will follow the Silver Samurai storyline. Without giving away too many specifics, Aronofsky said they are looking for Japanese actors who are fluent in the language.”I’m a big fan of Japanese movies, we’re going to try to have a good time.  He didn’t confirm whether or not the actors would speak the language or English throughout the majority of the film. He said, “It’s still under discussion, we’ll see what happens.”

Why are people afraid of subtitles? Is reading that terrifying?

What do you think of Aronofsky’s plan for The Wolverine?