You know, for a short guy he’s sure not afraid of heights! We already saw some photos of Cruise hanging around the Burj Khalifa the largest building in Dubai, but some new photos have just popped up of him looking like he’s sitting totally at peace sitting on the top of the building, all by himself.

Gizmodo talked to Gerald Donovan, one of the photographers who was taking shots of Cruise while he was enjoying the view. He told them that:

“He was up there for about an hour. Chopper circled several times very close. He’s the only one that you can see, but on a video I have, you can see that there were other people up there but hiding down the spire. Lots and lots of filming was happening—both from the chopper and from below (check out the guy in the cradle hanging lower down the Burj on the left hand side).”

Donocan’s guess was that they were actually shooting a 360 degree pan of him for a promotional piece, not the film itself, though it’s hard to say.

According to Gizmodo it took him three elevators, on 700 meter flight of stairs and over 443 feet of ladder climbing to reach the top of the 2,717 foot building. And then of course there’s the jumping off part…

It makes me sick just looking at this. Though no one can say he doesn’t like the full experience of working on Mission Impossible films.

Would you climb the building, let alone jump off of it if given the chance?