This week’s episode of “Law & Order: Los Angeles” centered on the wrongs of the past. Not only the wrongs of a criminal, but the mistakes of the police department who let him get away. Tempers flare when the detectives discover that a 20 year old murder case was never solved, and the public was never alerted that a serial killer was on the loose. Throw in some incest and rape, and you’ve got the latest episode entitled, “Ballona Creek.”

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The Players:

Episode Title: “Ballona Creek”

The detectives investigate the murder of a city worker, which leads them to reopen a neglected serial killer’s case from 20 years ago. They discover that several women in the South Central area were raped, stabbed, and killed in alleys back to back and no one notified the public of the events. After such a long time, the use of familial evidence brings attention to a young boy named Brandon, who’s the biological son (and nephew) of their prime suspect Luis Valdez, a man who’s been hiding in plain sight.

The Good:

  • The First and the Last Suspect: The first person Detectives Winters and Jaruzalski questioned about the death of the city worker turned out to be their killer. Luis Valdez is really Luis Cordero, a serial killer with a thing for raping family members.
  • Lethal Injection: Deputy ADA Dekker went in hard on Cordero. He wanted to go for the maximum punishment for his crimes with the death penalty. He had no mercy for the guy and I don’t blame him. He took the lives of multiple women, raped his niece, and has been living scott-free for the past 20 years. Time to pay the piper.

The So-So:

  • Don Weaver: The first victim in the episode was a DPW worker named, Don Weaver. He didn’t fit Luis’ original M.O. which was to go after young, African American women. Did they ever explain what made him change his pattern?
  • No Reunion for Brandon: We never got a reunion between Brandon, his mother birth mother Angela, or his grandmother. They left that storyline open and unresolved. I get that his adoptive parents didn’t want him to know the conditions of his conception but it still would have been nice to see him and Angela meet.

The Bad:

  • The Defense Lawyer: Luis’s lawyer was pretty weak. When speaking at the arraignment he actually tried to use Hollywood actors as a defense as to why Luis changed his name. Sorry, but Cary Grant changing his name from Archibald Leach isn’t the same as Luis the serial killer, who’s looking for a fresh start.
  • No Memory: The one victim who had survived Luis’ attack was absolutely no help. She only gave them info about her bra so they could go and get DNA tested but other than that she brought nothing to the table. Even when she went in for a line up she couldn’t identify her attacker. She just kept using the excuse “It was so long ago.” Maybe I would have had some sympathy for the character if she wasn’t played by such a bad actress.


This week’s episode had a fair share of twists and turns and was one of the best of the season. Even though it slightly stepped on “Law & Order: SVU’s” toes with its subject matter, it was handled well.

Rating: 8/10

“Law & Order: Los Angeles” airs on Wednesdays at 10 pm on NBC.

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