It’s the eve before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I hits theaters — (cheers). Earlier this week we announced a Harry Potter T-shirt giveaway in the spirit of the movie’s release, and today we have the lucky winners. Four of our winners will receive a Harry Potter T-Shirt from All you had to do was tell us which Hogwarts house you belonged to (not very many Slytherins). Thank you all for all your wonderful submissions, we’ve picked out winners below…

Congratulations to:

  • Winner 1: Ashley – “I would belong to Gryffindor… scarlet and gold are pretty colors.”
  • Winner 2: David – “I belong to Gryffindor… I’m not mean enough for Slytherin and I’m way too cool to be a Hufflepuff.”
  • Winner 3: Stephanie “I would definitely be in Hufflepuff.”
  • Winner 4: Joel Winstead – “Every time I take a test to get placed in a house im always in Gryffindor. It is written in the stars!”

Thank you to all who left comments. The winner will receive an e-mail shortly. Please respond ASAP. The winners who reply first will get the T-Shirt of their choice (see below), so hurry and reply once you get that we can get that e-mail.

We”ll need a mailing address (in the U.S.) so we can send you your prize. If the winner does not respond within a 24 hours, the prize will be given to another contestant.

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