Darren Aronofsky has finally signed on the dotted lined and made a formal announcement regarding his next directing gig. Over the past month, we’ve pretty much known that the Black Swan helmer was set to take over where Gavin Hood left off (shudder) in Fox’s Wolverine franchise. According to THR, not only will he direct the sequel which is entitled, The Wolverine, but he’ll also produce other projects for the studio over the next two years.

The two year deal is for Aronofsky’s production company Protozoa Pictures. He will develop and produce for Fox and Fox Searchlight via the company. Besides that, he’s setting up for his first major tentpole, The Wolverine, which is scheduled to begin shooting in April. The film’s screenplay was written by Christopher McQuarrie and will supposedly center on Wolverine’s adventures in Japan, where he falls in love with a native woman, and goes up against the Silver Samurai.

According to Fox Searchlight co-presidents Steve Gilula and Nancy Utley:

“Darren’s vision has brought audiences some of the most original and memorable stories and characters in recent motion picture history. “We at Fox witnessed this first hand with his work on The Wrestler, and Black Swan, and now, on The Wolverine.”

In other words, they’re looking for him to bring some credibility back to the hero after they ripped his legacy to shreds. Hopefully, Aronofsky can repair the damage.

What do you think of Aronofsky’s two year deal with Fox? Is that a good move?