Glee” will continue its assault on pop culture’s most history defining music with its super-sized Super Bowl episode. How do you top Britney Spears? How do top Madonna? How do you top The Rocky Horror Picture Show? The answer is two words: Michael Jackson. The King of Pop will be featured on the hit Fox series after television’s biggest event.

A “Glee” source has exclusively confirmed to EW, that Jackson’s “Thriller” will be the song of choice for the show’s Super Bowl episode. Before you get too excited (or angry) there will be a twist to their rendition. The song will be included in a mash-up with another yet to be named tune. What in the world could be worthy enough to be mixed in with “Thriller?” Maybe something from The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? Perhaps, they’ll pick a present day hit to balance it out?

Even though MJ’s music will be in the episode, the entire show won’t be dedicated to him. In all honesty the only superstar who was mentioned as a possible contender to get that treatment is Sir Elton John, which they claim will happen at some point later in the season.

What do you think of Glee’s decision to use Thriller? Who should they mash it up with?