A new poster has appeared online for Darren Aronofsky’s latest film, Black Swan. The movie that stars Natalie Portman received decent reviews from critics when it debuted at the Venice Film Festival a few months ago. The new one sheet features Portman dressed in character as a ballerina, and it looks like she’s becoming one with the swan. Take a look…

Black Swan centers on a New York ballerina who’s battling for a spot in Swan Lake. The part requires her to encompass both the good and the bad versions of the main character a quality that Portman is having a hard time pulling off. Enter Mila Kunis, another dancer who’s her rival and the personification of everything the “black swan” needs to be. As Portman’s character tries to relate and get in touch with her dark side, she delves deeper and deeper into something that goes beyond ballet — something supernatural.

Doesn’t this poster make you want to vogue? A portion of it looks very high fashion and high class, but the other part looks terrifying! What’s up with her arm? Is it covered in blood? It looks like it’s completely independent from her body. That arm is up to something and we’re not sure what.

What do you think about the new poster for Black Swan?

Source: IMP Awards