“Rescue Me” alum Denis Leary is taking a step away from the small screen to appear in Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man reboot. According to THR, the actor has been tapped to play the plum role of Gwen Stacy’s dad, Police Captain George Stacy. We can add the actor to the list of recent additions to the cast which also includes Martin Sheen and Sally Field.

The trade reports that Leary is currently in negotiations for the part, and when everything is finalized he will be the paternal figure to Emma Stone. Who saw that coming? The role of George Stacy was previously played by James Cromwell in Spider-Man 3, and those two look absolutely nothing alike. They really decided to turn back the clock in terms of his age didn’t they?

In the Spider-Man comic, Senor Stacy dies in a confrontation between the webslinger and Doctor Octopus, which causes Gwen to hate the superhero. We wonder if they plan on tapping into that storyline but instead of Doctor Octopus will they use Dr. Connors aka The Lizard to take him out?

Spider-Man in directed by Marc Webb and scheduled to hit theaters on July 3, 2012.

What do you think of Denis Leary playing George Stacy in the film? Can you see him as Emma Stone dad?