Last week on “Weeds,” Nancy was locked in a hotel room with Esteban.  This week, she must take extreme risks to save her family and her own life.  Andy attempts to keep up with Shane, Silas, and Warren.  How will she escape Esteban to escape the country with her family?  Find out in our review…

The Players:

Episode: “Theoretical Love is Not Dead”

Silas wants to stay behind with Lars instead of going to Copenhagen, so Andy takes Shane, Stevie, and Warren to the airport without him.  Meanwhile, Nancy must escape the grasp of Esteban and Guillermo before they kill her and take Stevie..

The Good:

  • Nancy the Heroine: The entire episode is a cat and mouse chase in which Nancy escapes the grasp of Esteban and Guillermo just to end up in their control again. The fact that Nancy has to be more and more clever with each escape slowly casts her as the underdog, and we begin to see her accept a role of martyr for the safety of her family. The fact that she has the resilience and wit to outsmart Esteban at the last second makes Nancy the epitome of cleverness, an alt heroine and symbol of strength and survival despite any circumstances.
  • Esteban and Nancy: It’s almost amusing to watch Nancy get what she needs and wants from Esteban. It’s not so amusing to see a glimpse of the violence that will ensue if Esteban gets to Stevie before Nancy can get away. Overall, their relationship is warped to such an extent that we have an accurate view of just how scary domestic abuse can become, even if the circumstances here do exaggerate such a depiction.
  • The Glory of Social Settings: The fact that Nancy and Esteban must work around the social settings of the airport makes their cat-and-mouse chase very tricky. The episode is clever in itself because, as Andy sets up with himself, Warren, and Shane playing upon stereotypes to get through airport security, Nancy and Esteban must also work with stereotypes and perceptions of others to control one another. Ironically, the airport, full of security and other people, is the most dangerous place for the Botwin family to be.
  • Warren, Andy, and Lars: Even though things got serious this week when the family had to resort to the ever-elusive “Plan C,” the typical antics of Mr. Schiff as he readied himself for his flight combined with Andy’s humorous goodbyes and Lars’ presumptions kept the light-hearted, humorous dynamic that “Weeds” is known for.

The Bad:

  • Silas and Lars: Silas has been craving a normal life almost all season, and now that he finally has the chance to learn about lug nuts with Lars, it’s understandable that he would want to stay and pursue the normalcy that exudes his real dad, the laid-back car enthusiast whom Silas gets along with. It’s heartbreaking to see Silas torn from his chance for a new, normal lifestyle.


Nancy’s wit and resilience made this season finale a triumphant and inspiring end to the Botwin-family road trip. What does Season 7 hold for the family?

Rating: 10/10

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