The Muppets cast continues to grow at an alarming rate with this latest bunch of actors. Over the past week we’ve heard that nine actors have come on board for various supporting roles and now three more have signed on. According to THR, Billy Crystal, Oscar winner Alan Arkin, and Jean Claude Van Damme (yes, him too!) have joined the cast of the film. There’s also been some clarification about who won’t be involved, as confirmed by actress Jane Lynch. Find out who’s staying and who’s going…

Last week, Lynch was said to be joining the film but according to the actress it’s not true. She stated, “I’m not doing the Muppets movie – they haven’t asked me.” Even though a formal offer hasn’t been made, she’s more than willing to spend some time with the puppet folk if they extend an invitation. “I would do it if they asked me.”

On a more positive note, the trades are reporting the trio of Crystal, Arkin, and Van Damme are legit. They’ve all been confirmed to make guest appearances but no character descriptions have been released. We’re assuming they’ll play themselves considering that the movie centers on The Muppets putting on a show to raise money for their movie studio. What’s a fundraiser without random celebrity appearances?

What do you think of the newest members of The Muppets cast?

Source: Press Association